The Gift

Positive A.D.D. Traits

1.  Creativity - They are very creative.  They need an outlet to be creative.  They think outside of the box, brainstorming, and finding creative solutions to problems.  Because of their flexible way of thinking about things, they tend to be more open-minded, independent, and ready to improvise.

2. Enthusiasm and spontaneity -  They are free spirits with lively minds, qualities that make for good company and engrossing conversation.  Their enthusiasm and spontaneous approach to life can be infectious.

3.  A quick mind -  They have the ability to think on their feet, quickly absorb new information, as long as it is interesting, and multitask with ease.  Their rapid-fire minds thrive on stimulation.  They adapt well to change and are great in a crisis.

4.  High energy level -  They have lots of energy.  When their attention is captured by something that interests them, they can have virtually unlimited stamina and drive.

5.  Hyperfocus -  They are able to focus for long periods of time on tasks or projects that they find interesting.  This single-minded ability to  hyperfocus can lead to significant accomplishments, discoveries, and creative breakthroughs.

6.  Sensitivity - They are very sensitive, although they may appear to be the exact opposite.

7.  Intuition -  They are very intuitive.  It  may be difficult to prove what they know in their gut is correct.

8.  Intelligence -  They are very intelligent, although tests may not prove it.  Non A.D.D. people do not understand A.D.D.