Ron Sorenson

A.D.D. Tea
Complete Natural Blends


I have been a building contractor for over 25 years.  I build beautiful homes, but have grown significantly tired of this business and ready for the next chapter of my life.  I am a 50 year young man with A.D.D. and O.C.D. but have the drive and brain of a 20 year old that graduated from Harvard.  I met my fiance Kathy over three years ago.  She said I was gifted and I had A.D.D., and the journey began.   My whole life I thought I had a learning problem because I was told so.  I knew in school I was so much smarter and business oriented than my teachers.  But not being ableto focus, I had doubts of my potential.  My love Kathy convinced me that I had a special gift.  My confidence increased tremendously.  I have a great idea everyday but not followed through on so many.  I have so much positive energy.  I have been writing notes to my love for over two years.  With her positive reaffirmation, these notes became poetic.  She continued to inspire me to write poetry.  I do not understand where it is coming from since I have never written or read poetry in my life until recently.