Ronald Sorenson

           The A.D.D. Poet

Biography of Ronald Sorenson


Ronald Sorenson was born a twin on September 26, 1957 on an Army base in Columbia, South Carolina.  His twin brother Donald passed away at three months old.  Ron found out when he came across a photo of two babies in a crib.  His beloved grandmother told him when he was ten.  Ron always believed his brother was his guardian angel, and has had a difficult job watching over him.  With his high energy level, risk taking, and other traits he possessed, Ron felt different from everyone else.  He describes the inside of his brain as Jimmy Hendrix playing the Star Spangled Banner at Woodstock in his head 24/7.

On June 4, 2005, Ron met Kathy, both divorced with children.  On there first date during the evening conversation, Kathy described Ron as gifted and having A.D.D.  Ron had no idea what Attention Deficit Disorder was.  The journey began, he had to find out what it was, during the week he was tested and diagnosed with A.D.D.  Finally he had a description of why he felt different.  Kathy saw a person in Ron that he never noticed.  He was intelligent, creative, enthusiastic, and sensitive.  Now aware of his gift of A.D.D., and the love and understanding from Kathy, his life is only getting better.  Ron has been a building contractor, building beautiful homes for over 25 years.  Because of his boredom and the poor economy, Ron has grown significantly tired of the construction business.  Now aware of his gift, and Kathy’s love and understanding, life is only getting better.  With Kathy’s knowledge of health and natural herbs, she has transformed Ron’s poor health habits.  Ron is now eating healthier, consuming herbal blends and teas, resulting in positive energy.  This has brought out his inventiveness, and creativity, and he is now writing beautiful philosophical poems which he never thought he could do.  Ron began writing poetry for Kathy.  She noticed his talent and with the positive reinforcement he began spreading his poetry to others.  Ron is now referred to as the “A.D.D. Poet.”  Poetry is a way to go deep inside and express himself.  Life is only getting better for Ron who has been living in Fort Lauderdale, Florida most of his life.  He is unleashing the artist that resides in his heart and brain for all to enjoy.

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